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Alexandros "El Greco" Anastasiadis

Committed to making art that lives in bodies and expresses in interactions. Searching for the holistic intellect that stems from our physical form. Challenging shapes, appearances and rules.


Alexandros Anastasiadis was raised in Thessaloniki (Greece). He holds both a degree in Physics from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and a degree of dance from the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance.
His curiosity for movement led him to practice disciplines such as Breakdancing, Gymnastics, Circus, Parkour, Theatre and eventually Contemporary Dance, which became his long term dedication. His interest lies in challenging the boundaries of the genre in regards to performativity, physicality and creativity.  He cherishes improvisation and pursues to mix disparate elements inside his work.

His great passion has been the exchange and communication present throughout a creative process. This led him to various collaborations, most notable of which are with the group Dans Kapot along with musician Giotis Damianidis, with the La Otra Familia collective along with Patricia Hastewell and with the Dance and the Mind collective.   
He has also been working  and touring worldwide as a dancer for renowned choreographers such as Wim Vandekeybus/Ultima Vez, Alexander Vantournhout and Julyen Hamilton/Allen’s line, all of whom have informed his own work and gave clues to is search for his own unique artistic identity.
He is a passionate teacher, constantly sharing his pedagogic approach through his “Organic Acrobatix” classes. Through them he tries to transmit the range of information he considers crucial, but most of all to instill the passion for moving and being moved.