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Organic Acrobatix

Having a background of diverse activities myself and feeling the need to find connections in between them, led me to consolidate my own practice throughout the years. From an early stage I sensed the urge to share my experiences with as wide a range of people as possible. That led to the development of the Organic Acrobatix classes. 

 These classes have dance as their epicentre, but encompass a mix of elments inside the. Acrobatics, improvisation, theatricality, composition, body awareness, creative tools and work within a group are subject that are actively addressed within them. The basic premise behind them is to continuously challenge the potential of my students and myself in order to not only gain new capacities, but also be able to implement them with ease and enjoyment. 

Therefore, acrobatics (literally meaning walking at the edges) implies the challenge in all the addressed elements and organic implies the habituation of new elements in a way that they feel effortless.

Through the classes I strive to build a strong group chemistry, where individual potentials are encouraged to show up and each student is compelled to challenge her/his limits. Through this process we flourish as dancers, as movers and as creators. And of course, we enjoy every step of the process.

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All Videos

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