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Dans Kapot challenges the border between dance and music. The group, formed by three musicians and three dancers, explores ways in which the two disciplines can interact and inform each other, thus researching on hybrid working methodologies as well as creating genre challenging performances. The result is an energetic, extroverted mix of music and dance, played in a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces. The current members of the group are the members of the band Don Kapot, consisting of Giotis Damianidis, Jakob Warmenbol and Viktor Perdieus, along with the dancers Alexandros “Greco” Anastasiadis, Margherita Dello Sbarba and Kit King. The group started with the artistic meeting of Giotis and Alexandros, which quickly led them to record a video clip for the band and to play their first improvised show in the Dansand festival 2021.

The following year, the group created Op Straat a vibrant intervention in public space, with the intention of bringing artistic work to non conventional spaces. They took to the streets and schools of Brussels, where unprepared passersby were treated to a spontaneous celebration of color and music. The project’s appeal compelled WERF Records and JazzLab to include the six-member gang in their 30th anniversary celebrations. With their support and that of Kunstencentrums KAAP and NONA, the group engaged in the creation of A Small World, a concert-performance intended for a mix of unconventional venues, outdoor spaces and theaters, with the artistic direction of Alexandros and Margherita. 


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