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Dans Kapot was born in 2020 through the meeting of Giotis Damianidis, a member of Don Kapot, and Alexandros Anastasiadis. A couple of studio sessions quickly led to a series of street performances in Brussels, then to building a team with the entire band and a group of dancers into filming their video clip for “Whononogono” and then to their first public appearance under the name Dans Kapot during the festival Dansand in Ostend in July 2021.

Feeling excited about the potential of the group, their attention turned towards  live events with a participatory character, where performing and audience spaces are intertwined. Thus, in the summer of 2022 the group worked in a social setting, bringing live performances in the streets of Brussels, in artistic squats and in schools. 

After this series of events, Sofia Kakouri, Kit King and Margherita Dello Sbarba became full-time members of the group and  it was clear that everyone was eager to dive deeper into an extensive research and creation process, which would allow them to further explore the possibilities their medium can provide. Their project was selected to be supported by Jazzlab and the label WERF Records within their program to support interdisciplinary work, which gave the boost to the group to begin their first complete production process, with the working title "A small world".


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