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Improvisation is a philosophy which is strongly present in my work. It defines parts of the methodology, the content and often even the context of it. 
Its irreplaceable contribution for me is the preservance of the spontaneity of dance. It urges me to remain an amateur (literally lover) of the art form, while being a professional inside the art world.
And then of course, I use improvisation as a tool to discover new performative material, to hone my craft and to remove the judgement from the given moment of doing.
I do create improvised performances in official events as much as unofficial ones. I participate in jams in various contexts. I dance alongside fellow dancers but also alongside musicians or non-artists. Having a background of breakdancing, gymnastics, martial arts and parcour, gives me the urge to improvise in many different contexts. I improvise during my warm up before a show and sometimes during my cool down after a show (or even the party after the show). 
I am looking forward to the next improvisation with you.

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