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Op Straat

Op straat is an interactive, vibrant performance that brings music to the neighborhoods, smiles in people’s hearts and sweat in their bodies. It awakens the power of dance along with music, sharing it with a live audience in an everyday setting. The street intervention blends the uplifting and genre mixing music of the band “Don Kapot” with the energetic and extrovert performance of the dancers. Starting with a promenade act the 6 performers bring the audience to the place where the instruments are set and gradually build up to a colorful and powerful show. Op straat begun in the streets of Brussels in 2022 and continues to play throughout Belgium. 

Duration: ~ 30'

Direction: Alexandros Anastasiadis, Giotis Damianidis

Dancers: Margherita Dello Sbarba, Kit King, Alexandros Anastasiadis. Music: Don Kapot - Giotis Damianidis, Jakob Warmenbol, Viktor Perdieus.

Management: Michael Wolteche - Enthusiast Music 

`With the support of:

Federation Wallonie Bruxelles

Filter Cafe Filtre

Open Streets Brussels

Allee du Kaai


03/07/2021 Dansand festival, Ostende 

16,17,24/5/2022 Schools in Laeken, Brussels

July-September/2022 Open Streets, Brussels

17/09/2022 Allee du Kaai, Brussels

18/09/2022 Muzik 1030 event, Schaerbeek

23/09/2023 CC De Bogaard, Sint Truiden

1/10/2023  Rataplan, Antwerp

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